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Tyler Manson

A simple showcase site for the Ojai-based film director.

A photo of Tyler Manson and Andrew Bird on a film shoot of Andrew's music video Echolocations

The Challenge

Tyler, a seasoned documentary and commercial film director here in Ojai, had spent years amassing dozens of projects with A-list agencies, athletes and musicians. And he needed to brush up his website to showcase all this work. The problem: it had been so long since he updated his site, he couldn't remember how to log in and make changes. He needed a quick solution or risk leaving potential clients behind.

The Goal

We wanted to keep the eleganty simple tone of his existing site, but modernize it with better performance and a more responsive layout. We also wanted to craft for Tyler a content editing experience that would make it super easy for him to add new work samples, re-order them on the site, and generate custom curated pages for specific clients.

An image of a handheld device showing a design from Tyler Manson's website

The Solution

Website designs for Tyler Manson

To keep the site lightweight and give Tyler the flexibility he needed, we reached for suite of tools that we've grown quite fond of: a statically generated Nuxt site using the Nuxt Content Module, hosted on Netlify and using a minimized Netlify CMS (now Decap CMS) for content. We kept the design simple and clean to let Tyler's superb directing work take center stage.

Through thoughtful collaboration, Nick designed and built a beautifully simple, clean, and powerful portfolio site to showcase my film work. From the creative to the technical, Nick was incredibly helpful in creating a site that felt intuitive and natural. And he designed a platform that will be much easier for me to manage and update for years to come.

Photo of Tyler Manson

Tyler Manson
Film Director