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Plan Your Recovery

Plan Your Recovery is a St. Louis-based clinic that has been providing personalized treatment for alcohol, drug, and behavioral addictions in-person and by tele-health for almost a decade.

An image of a video still of the Plan Your Recovery founder, Ned Presnall introducing his therapy practice

The Challenge

Plan Your Recovery was a brand new clinic with no existing online presence. Our challenge was to help the founder establish an online presence that would grow his business.

The Goal

From the beginning, Ned Presnall, the founder of Plan Your Recovery, made it clear that he wanted the website to become not just a calling card for his clinic, but also a repository of information for people seeking help with addiction.

Axpo Designs


These are some of the ways we have helped Plan Your Recovery achieve their goals:

ETH Zürich Designs

Branding & Identity

This was a new business and a greenfield project for us, so we happily dove in to create a brand identity that would reflect the founder's vision for the clinic. We created a logo, color palette, and typography that would be used throughout the site and in all marketing materials. We aimed for a style that would

Web Designs for Plan Your Recovery

Web Design & Development

We built a website that would be easy to navigate and provide visitors with the information they needed to make an informed decision about seeking treatment. We used a simple, calming color palette and a mix of custom illustrations and stock photography to create a welcoming and inviting space for potential clients.

Axpo Designs

Marketing Videos

To help Plan Your Recovery reach a wider audience, we produced a series of videos that would be used on the site and in social media. These videos cover a range of topics related to addiction and recovery, and are designed to be informative and engaging.

Nick's passion for elegant design, imagination for our brand, skill in execution, and professionalism all made him a perfect choice for us. We couldn't be happier with our site's look and functionality.

Photo of Ned Presnall

Ned Presnall
Founder, Plan Your Recovery