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Gåsebäck Film Festival

A simple, playful and performant site for a new cultural event in rural Sweden, dedicated to bringing a collection of some of the best international cinema to the small city.

Kansas City photo by Jake Fagan on Unsplash

The Challenge

Hussain, previously the programmer for the Sundance Film Festival, asked us to create the website for his new venture in rural Sweden. He had a designer working on a branding package, and he was pretty clear what he wanted for the site. The problem: he had the kind of budget that a small town arts committee grants to endeavors like these.

The Goal

We had to race against the clock because the festival was only a few weeks away. We needed to create a site that was simple, playful, and performant, and that would be easy for Hussain to update and maintain. It had to remain true to the mid-century modern aesthetic that the branding designer came up with to pay homage to the former industrial part of town. We also needed to keep costs to a minimum.

Hussain Currimbhoy at the Festival
Gåsebäck Film Festival Designs

The Solution

To satisfy our goals, we reached for one of our most powerful combination punches: a statically generated Nuxt site with the Content Module, hosted on Netlify and using a minimized Netlify CMS (now Decap CMS) for content. We crafted an SVG animation for the home page, to give life to the cool broadcast tower graphic. And we had fun implementing some custom hover effects on the film cards.

Nick was just super to work with. Prompt, creative, and he really listens to the needs I had for my film festival website.

Photo of Hussain Currimbhoy

Hussain Currimbhoy
Director, Master Mechanic Films