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Craft Music

Craft Music is a family-owned and operated Los Angeles-based music instrument school. They asked us to help them expand their website to facilitate the rapid growth of their teacher roster and their expansion into new markets.

James from Craft Music

The Challenge

Craft Music was growing fast. They were hiring more teachers and expanding outside the Los Angeles area. They needed a website that could keep up with their growth and help them manage their new teachers and locations. They wanted to make it easy for new visitors to find the instrument and teacher offerings they were looking for. And they needed their site to be easy to use and maintain, so that they could focus on what they do best: teaching music.

The Goal

Our goal was to make the process of finding a music teacher a bit easier and more delightful. Additionally, it was important that the admins at Craft Music could add new teachers and marketing pages to the site with ease. Finally, the site had to be performant, elegant and visually appealing, to reflect the quality of the music education that Craft Music provides.

Axpo Designs


We've helped Craft Music grow their business through a combination of UX/UI design, front-end development, and business analysis. Here are some of the ways we've helped them:

Craft Music Designs

Web Design & Development

We designed a responsive website for Craft Music that combines simplicity and elegance. It includes a stepped inquiry form to guide visitors gently through the team's offerings. A tech stack of Nuxt.js and Decap CMS allows the team at Craft Music to make updates to the site without being overwhelmed by too many settings, helping them keep the site fresh.

Craft Music Custom Admin Tools

Custom Admin Tools

Like any business, Craft Music has unique needs. We built custom admin tools to help them manage their teachers and locations in order to serve their customers best. One such tool is a teacher location manager, which allows Craft Music teachers to log in and update their geographic availability. Tools like these have saved the Craft Music team hours of manual work and have helped them scale their business.

Nick was a great communicator and worked seamlessly with our team to redesign the Craft Music music education website from the ground up. The new website is more sleek and functional, with a creative UI and lower running costs. We highly recommend Tassu for any website design project.

Photo of James Craft

James Craft
Founder & CEO, Craft Music