Most of us know that "integrity" comes from the Latin word for wholeness or completeness. And obviously nobody—no one person nor organization—is totally whole or complete. We all have our blemishes or inconsistencies or blind spots. But it’s important that we continue to strive toward that sense of complete ness in everything we do. And you could even argue that working toward wholeness is the ultimate purpose of our life.

For that reason, integrity is one of the core principles that we at Tassu use in our work as a web design studio. It informs the way that we conduct ourselves in the marketplace. It informs the way that we grow as a business. It informs the way we interact with you our customers and, finally, it informs the way we build sites and marketing materials that represent you and your organization to the world.

Here are some of the ways integrity shows up in our client work:

  • Honesty and Transparency
    We maintain open and honest communication with our customers. We charge fairly for the services we provide and we deliver what we promise. By extension, we strive to build an online presence for you—our customer—which accurately portrays you and your values.
  • Authenticity
    We want our online presence to show who we really are; and we want to avoid pretending to be somebody we aren’t. Likewise, we’ll always strive to make sure that your true voice echoes across your online presence.
  • Ethics
    We want to build all our websites on an ethically sound foundation. Of course that means we won’t use dark patterns or other manipulative techniques to get people to do things that benefit us but fail to respect them (see our first principle); nor use their data in unauthorized ways. But it also means that anyone who contributes to the production of our websites is fairly compensated and attributed for their work. And finally, we’ll always strive to build sites that are accessible to all.

Aiming for deeper wholeness is an ongoing process. And these practices help us foster respect and trust in our collaborations and business relationships. If you’d like to talk with us about fostering trust with your web presence and giving you and your organization more confidence online, get in touch with us.