About Tassu

We are a small web design and development studio based in Ojai, California, along with a talented team of remote collaborators. We have a passion for crafting bespoke websites that are tailored to your purpose-driven business.

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Nick Niles

Founder of Tassu

Nick Niles, the founder of Tassu, is a multimedia creative with over 20 years of experience in web design, digital product design and development, UX/UI, design strategy, and education. He has spent a career honing his creative and strategic thinking to deliver exceptional user experiences across diverse industries.


With a strong background in visual arts, graphic design and film, Nick's expertise encompasses web and mobile design, data visualization, animation, and 3D graphics. In addition to creating websites, he has facilitated innovation workshops, planned and conducted user research, and produced engaging multimedia content.


Nick's extensive experience as a senior product designer and consultant for organizations like Axpo, Zurich Insurance, Swiss Airlines and Credit Suisse has helped him develop skills in deep listening, problem solving and strategy. His sensitivity to team needs and ability to align stakeholders have led to increased collaboration speed and overall satisfaction.


In addition to his design and development work, Nick has led design initiatives, taught and mentored university students, and made significant impacts in shaping online ecosystems. Since 2019, he has hosted the Front Conference Zürich last summer, inviting to the stage some of the web design industry's leading thinkers.

What We Stand For

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Our work is rooted in respect for the visitor of your website. Respecting our audience leads us to carefully consider the clarity, beauty and performance of the experience we offer them. When our audience perceives these values, they are more likely to trust us. And trust is the foundation of any successful relationship.

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Our commitment to integrity drives us to uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical standards in every aspect of our work and interactions. Integrity guides us to make decisions that are not only in the best interest of you—our client—but also honor the trust you place in us and your customers place in you.

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Beginner's Mind

Approaching each project as though it’s our first helps us keep a fresh perspective and nudges us out of our comfort zone. It invites deeper curiosity and empathy. It encourages experimentation with cutting-edge technologies, adoption of novel design approaches and results in memorable solutions.

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